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Cannabis: A Gift from the Gods (Gods = Extraterrestrials)

Did you know “cannabis” is a Greek word with African roots meaning the “two dog plant” (canna = canine/dog, bis = two) and that the African “Dogon” tribe claim to have been visited by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago, who brought with them the cannabis plant as a gift to assist the evolution of human consciousness? Strengthening their claim, the Dogons possessed specific knowledge about “Sirius” (the “Two-Dog Star”) thousands of years before modern telescopes and equipment could catch up and prove them right. Many Native American tribes, such as the Cherokees, also have legends of aliens or “Star People” bringing cannabis as a gift to earth’s inhabitants.

You might be thinking by now, “What is this guy smoking!?” Well the answer to that is and - but that’s beside the point.

History tells us that the cannabis and hemp plants have not only played important PHYSICAL roles in human cultures throughout history (clothing, rope, food, paper), but SPIRITUAL roles also. In ancient China, the Taoists believed cannabis was an entheogen that brought one closer to God. The Hindus believe cannabis (“shiva”) cleanses peoples’ sins and helps avoid the miseries of hell in the future life. Rastafarians are famous for their worship of cannabis (could Bob Marley be wrong?) Ancient Astronaut Theorists even suggest the “immaculate conception” was an extraterrestrial event, and that Jesus himself may have been a stoner!


In modern times, the potential for Hemp (CBD) and Cannabis (THC) to alleviate many conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, nicotine addiction, epilepsy and many others is well known. It’s almost as if cannabis and hemp plants were designed with us in mind. Or perhaps the other way around? What came first, the cannabis or the cannabinoid receptor?

From a young age - years before the internet or the term ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’ was coined - I’ve believed that human beings are a genetically spliced, hybrid species; part prehistoric man - part extraterrestrial being. That’s not to say I don’t believe in a God or Creator(s) - “everything is part of everything.” But I’ve spent many years researching and philosophizing about our genesis and ongoing role in the universe and beyond. I also describe my relationship with cannabis as a “spiritual” one, so the idea that Ancient Astronaut Theory and Cannabis Spiritualism may be intertwined seems natural to me.

Clearly, I’m very passionate about this subject. It’s why I recently shot the first Wilfred CBD Smokes “Planet of the Dogs” video about a space travelling dog who brings cannabis and hemp to the inhabitants of planets in distant galaxies. Check it out and let me know what you think here.

Oh yeah, and a quick reminder - time is running out to be a part of a Zoom Q&A with WILFRED. (You can ask him all about his ideas about extraterrestrials and weed too.)

Until next time, stay safe my friends.

Much Peace – “It’s real.”

and – “A high you can trust.”

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Extraterrestrials are beings from the angelic realm. We have been assisted by them through the many epochs. Fallen Angels such as lucifer have brought about chaotic aspects to our world and being. Hence we have shadow and darkness and also lighter loving parts of our human nature.

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