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Fuck it. Have a Wilfred.

As a Hollywood dog/actor, I was asked many times over the years to do things that I would probably prefer not to do in my private life - from graphic sex scenes with a stuffed giraffe, to tongue kissing Elijah Wood (okay I wrote both those scenes), to smoking a ridiculous number of tobacco cigarettes.

In every episode there would be at least one scene where I would walk down a street smoking a cigarette as I talked. In the writer’s room we called these scenes “walk and talks” because of the walking and talking. I later renamed them “smoke and jokes” because of all the smoking I did and I was funny AF.

To be fair, the “props” department often asked me if I wanted to smoke something safer (non-tobacco) in scenes where I was required to smoke. Immaturely, I thought that may somehow not be the “manly” or “cool” thing to do, when in reality no one could ever doubt my coolness or virility.

I’d try to limit my smoking to only during the scenes we were shooting. And I sometimes would quit altogether in between seasons. But when the cameras started rolling I was a chain smoker again. And I could feel myself getting unhealthy as a result. After years of this, my chest felt like it was full of that nicotine tar shit I’d seen on ads as a kid.

Then I discovered, quite by accident, the joys of smoking CBD smokable hemp flower (read my post “CBD: Why if it don’t get me high?” - I hate repeating myself) and it’s why I’ve released Wilfred CBD Smokes available online at

Some medical studies conclude that cannabis/hemp use can help reduce nicotine consumption, like the “Cannabidiol Reduces Cigarette Consumption in Tobacco Smokers: Preliminary Findings” report by the US National Library of Medicine.

Fuck it, have a Wilfred

Still, hemp smokes are not recognized as a cessation product at this time. The potential for CBD products to alleviate many common conditions such as stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and many others is well known.

Inhaling CBD allows for near-instant access to the bloodstream making Wilfred CBD Smokes an efficient and highly cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

They won’t leave you feeling “high” with less than .3% THC (psychoactive component) so you can take a Wilfred CBD Smoke break then continue on your productive day.

Made with hemp paper and biodegradable filters.

Now legal and shipping to most US states.

Fuck it. Have a Wilfred.

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Sep 26, 2021

Wilfred is my #1 show of all times, also it's more than a comedy show for me, and i am glad you have found something you loved doing as you have guided most people in that path yourself. Thank you and i cant believe you are 50 now jesus christ


Feb 28, 2021

Dude, good luck with your new endeavor. Wish you the best of luck my man. Fuck it have a Wilfred! Thanks for the laughs, from a big fan.

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